RCMP and Veteran Affairs are set up with direct billing. All other fees are billed to the user up front. If you have an extended health benefit plan, you may be covered for all or a percentage of your fees. You will be required to mail your receipt into your provided to be reimbursed for the fees they cover.

We Accept Debit, Visa, MasterCard and Cash.

Private service fees

Initial Assessment + Treatment (60 minutes)$75
Subsequent visit (30 minutes)$60
Extended subsequent visit (60 minutes)$75
Functional Dry Needling (40 minutes)$65

Third Party Payers

ICBC Claims (Claim number is required)$35 service fee per visit
WCB Claim (Claim number is required)No Charge
MSP (Please provide your care card number to find if you qualify for MSP coverage)$25 service fee per visit


Athletic Taping$5